Seyhan Barin

Seyhan is a global technology leader with over 15 years of experience in building and managing diverse technical teams at fast growing tech start-ups. She is a Computer Science graduate from the top engineering school, METU, in Turkey and holds a master degree in Organizational Development.

She spent last 5 years leading Product and Engineering Support teams (integration, tier2 and tier3 support, QA, R&D and Product Management support) located across 6 different countries (US, UK, Israel, India, China and Jordan) at a global ecommerce startup, previously called Borderfree. She has been through a full startup life cycle: from 50 to 300 employees, pivot to IPO, and then acquisition by a massive corporation. She also completed several trainings in Executive Coaching and has been mentoring individuals and groups in various non-profit organizations as part of one of her passions.

She has proven success in effectively growing technical teams and developing strategies and vision using her great combination of technical and managerial skills. Her excellent problem solving skills and strong leadership has been helping tech companies overcome the challenges that rapid growth presents to engineering, operations, product management and support teams.