Engagement Models

We serve our clients through the use of several models for operational engagement that can be tailored to meet specific client needs.

We actively work with our clients to select one of our models or some combination of them, depending on the project phase and needs.

Strategic Consulting and Advisory


Our subject matter experts provide advice on the best practices in management and business function support


  • Introducing new business function
  • Tuning and increasing the efficacy of your operational, technical and marketing teams
  • benchmarking your practices with the industry standards


  • Instant access to industry subject matter experts with proven experience and business knowledge
  • Cost efficient engagement and seamless integration with the delivery team
  • Operational and cultural improvement across the teams

Dynamic Staff Augmentation


Our skilled resources are available to respond to business objectives and projects needs through a full-time or time-bound engagement. We can build special teams to support your needs and different technologies


  • More focus on the core business functions
  • Timely and cost efficient scalability needs
  • Complete and supplement the required skillsets for your technical and marketing operations


  • Control over staff
  • Rapidly changing staffing needs
  • Reduce cost of acquiring skills
  • Ease of adoption

Shared Support and Maintenance


Support and operability are critical and core components for any business. This type of engagement provides cost efficient and tailored services to support your operations and innovation


  • Limited and partial engagement needs
  • Infusion of skill sets to fit production, technical and operational requirements
  • Limited budget to create proof of concepts


  • Achieving break-through gains in productivity and efficacy
  • Fast response to changing needs and scope
  • Support the operations functions with different skillsets without disturbing the innovation functions

Project and Managed Services


Our proactive management and reliable delivery can be utilized to undertake business function, full project or out-tasking a project as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses


  • Unplanned business needs to deliver a project or a business concept
  • Operate a business function externally and manage this through SLA’s
  • Transformation from a resource centric approach to delivery and result centric approach


  • Placement of responsibility for management of resources and risks externally
  • Support the innovation function quickly and in a controlled approach
  • Reduction of training and induction cost for internal staff to execute the intended delivery

Delivery Recipe

We are always striving to combine the advantages and best practices of all the methodologies we deploy

Smart Deployment


Continuous Improvement

Adaptability and Flexibility

Process Oriented

Controlled Delivery and Product Management

Comply and Contribute to Industry Standards

Added Value Services Focus

Assimilate Client Processes and Culture