Software Testing Services

The different delivery methodologies, the introduction of advanced and new technologies and the introduction of different usages of technology have introduced new challenges in the development of software products and projects.

Our Software Testing Services help our clients to streamline and add seamless and Integrable defense lines within their delivery models to achieve the required targets according to their milestones and budgets.

Test Management

We ensure your test objectives are well outlined, test strategy is prepared in line with your delivery methodology and all the test components are established and optimized for your testing needs based on your environment, organization and culture

Web Testing

Optimum Partners web testing practice enables our clients to ensure the proper functionality of their website, including but not limited to functional verification, compatibility and performance issues

Mobile Testing

Mobiles and smart phones are becoming one of the dominant portals to access different products and applications for different industries. Optimum Partners evolved its mobile testing practice to ensure that efficient functional and non-functional testing is performed for different versions and platforms

Test Automation

Our experienced technical resources will help automating your test projects at various stages utilizing different approaches and tools. Our main objective is the ROI on the effort and the sustainability of the output

Test Process Improvement

Our experience coupled with the experience of our advisors allows you to understand the present position of your software testing practice while providing you with strategies for success

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is a growing need in different industries to enable people with disabilities access and use applications and systems. Our practice supports the testing of these features and contributes to our clients’ requirements

ETL Testing

Optimum Partners ETL tools and integration best practices ensure that data is thoroughly integrated and that issues are uncovered and addressed timely and effectively

Load Testing

Performance and load testing is an essential part in our offerings suite, it allows companies to better understand their system’s capabilities and to anticipate load issues. Our experience and technical resources will work with your team to analyze, script, execute and scale

Independent Verification and Validation

Independent auditing services will ensure that the products, services, or systems meet requirements and specifications as well as fulfill their business and technical objectives

SOA/API Testing

Move the testing to different tiers of your architecture. We understand the interaction of services and the best tools and approaches for testing in a SOA environment

Why we will fit your selection criteria

We work with you to hand pick team members and deploy them in the location that best meets your needs - whether onshore or offshore.

We help you build a team which is committed for the long term and which can be deployed with short lead times safely and cost effectively.

We have extensive experience in providing services supported by industry experts.

We have access to a large pool of experienced IT professionals across Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

Our services allow you to quickly scale your team up or down to meet your needs at any given moment.

We have in-depth expertise in a variety of industries including but not limited to digital agencies, banking and finance, entertainment and gaming, high tech, media and publishing, e-commerce, travel and hospitality.